Number of
Profile Heat
Window Heat
60 mm41,46 W/m2 ºK1,63 W/m2 ºK38 db
Air Permeability
Water Impermeability
Wind Load Resistance
Glass Thickness



C35, 20, 24, 32


Our lives are being moved to new places. Our rising sense of quality, aesthetic values and comfort perfection make us more selective. We don't want to spare time and sources to the temporary solutions; we prefer smooth and highly economic life choices. Justifiably, we would like to have quality, aesthetics, performance values, comfort, decorative expectations and longlasting economic systems in the same product. DIAMOND meets all of your expectations and starts a new era for windows produced as 60 series.


DIAMOND 60 series creates an aesthetic integrity thanks to its oval contours in all profiles and, by means of its specially designed profiles, it becomes prominent for structures where a wider view of the scenery is demanded when compared with the other 60 series. The series enriches the aesthetic appearance through 21 different lamination color and pattern options.


  • The system has a profile width of 60 mm.
  • It is designed to have 4 chambers.
  • In the system, it is possible to use glass units of 5 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm and 32 mm.
  • DIAMOND 60 series meets all requirements in wind load resistance, water and air impermeability parameters by means of its profile width, number of chambers, reinforcement steel instruments and impermeability system.
  • With oval glazing bead profiles, it brings the smooth features of the exterior surface into the interior as well.
  • The system is compatible with 13 axis espagnolettes.
  • It was designed to conveniently provide solutions for all architectural technicalities through its detailed and auxiliary profiles.

Wind Load Resistance

  • DIAMOND 60 systems successfully passed the safety test of 2.000 Pa (1655 km/h) wind load resistance.
  • While designing DIAMOND 60 system’s reinforcement steel and its locations inside the profiles, the maximum wind load values to which the buildings can be exposed were taken into consideration.
  • The system easily meets the resistance value requirements for covering the wide openings via its detailed and grillage profiles. Water and Air Impermeability.
  • Thanks to the water drainage channels and sets designed to discharge the rainwater in a faster and easier way, the high resistance to water even at high wind loads is provided.
  • Under tests carried out with 600 Pa (110 km/h) wind load and 4 liters of rainwater per minute, the system did not leak any water inside and proved its high quality.

Heat Insulation

  • By means of the chamber numbers, chamber widths and profile heights developed in consideration of the profile width, DIAMOND 60 system is able to meet all requirements regarding the thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • In accordance with the TS EN ISO 10077-2 standard, the window system with the dimensions of 1,23 m x 1,43 m has achieved the values of Uw:1,46 W/m2 ºK and Uf:1,63 W/m2 ºK.

Sound Insulation

  • DIAMOND 60 Series provides sound insulation with values up to 38 dB. Therefore, it is possible to create a sound environment at a high quality life level even at the loudest places.
  • The sound insulation level to be acquired via acoustic glasses that can be used with the system, isolates the outside noise of outdoors from indoors in the most efficient way.