Heat Transfer Coefficient1x1.2 m. Window
Single Glazing (3 W/m2 °K)2.69 W/m2  °K
Double Glazing (1.6 W/m2 °K)1.57 W/m2  °K
Triple Glazing (1.3 W/m2 °K)1.33 W/m2  °K
With Panel (1.2 W/m2 °K)1.25 W/m2  °K
Type of GlassNoise Insulation
With 6 mm Glazing25 db
With 4+12+4 Glazing29 db
With Laminated Glazing37 db
Profile Width
Number of
Air Diffusion Ability
(m3/h cm)
Sound Isolation
Heat Isolation Coefficient
(W/m 20 K)

Application of glass is allowed up to 37 mm thickness. Triple glazing application ensures noise insulation up to 37 decibels. Specially designed EPDM Gaskets ensure absolute sealing. The product is not affected by sunlight and does not get deformed. The 15° slope provided on the surface quickness water discharge. No leakage is observed after rain. Due to the specially designed water channel with its 4° outward slope and the water collection chamber, water and moisture are easily evacuated.

Due to the height difference between the outer and inner walls of the water discharge ducts, the discharged water is prevented from seeping into the system under influence of the wind. Additionally, since these ducts are not connected to the steel section, they also provide ventilation.

Since the hinge screw is mounted directly one the hinge reinforcement steel, the risk of having the sash dangling over time is reduced.

Glazing beads having 8° slope do not only prevent dust and small particles from sticking to the surface, they also ensure that the glass is more securely mounted by putting pressure one the surface of the glass.

The ratchets under the profiles provide easy mounting and dismounting makes the leveling of the frame during mounting easy and decreases the transfer of heat. Since the profiles are reinforced with specially designed double grooved galvanized single type reinforcement steel, resistance against outer loads is maximum.

Since all main profiles, including the door profiles of the 6060 series have 3 chambers, perfect heat insulation is endured.