Frame and Sash Profile Width
Number of Seals (pcs)Number of chambersSound Insulation (decibel)Air Permeability ClassWater Impermeability Class
Profile Heat Insulation (W / M2 0K)Window Heat Insulation (W / M2 0K)Wind Load Resistance ClassProfile Class TS -5358 / EN 12608Glass Thickness (mm)

Selenit Cover Series provides an aluminum look in the external environment with the help of the aluminum coating system applied to PVC windows. Selenit Cover does not compromise over the advanced insulation properties of PVC windows and it can be applied on PVC windows by way of the aluminum covers in colors which are compatible with the façades.

PVC window systems are the window systems which have the lowest thermal conductivity (having the highest insulation values). For the applications which are requested to look like aluminum, specially designed Selenit Cover aluminum profiles are applied on PVC window profiles to obtain the aluminum look in different colors. Thus, both the desired aesthetic look is achieved and the insulation of the PVC window reaches higher values due to the aluminum cover. Aluminum profiles are applied to the external part of the window.